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We built KENFOX reputation on the quality of our people, our innovative approach to complex work and the technology we use to serve our clients.



We believe that each and every day we set ourselves apart from conventional big-law firm structure, which allows us more flexibility to meet your needs as our client for each and every matter in a productive and cost-friendly way. We love competition, just not with each other. We foster a collegial, cooperative atmosphere where every attorney works for the good of the firm, and by extension, for each of our clients. From Partners to Associates and support staff—we are a firm composed of dynamic, intelligent individuals. We all work well together for the common goal — our clients.


Too often clients are stuck with one attorney, who may not give their full attention to the firm. To best understand and protect our clients’ technologies, KENFOX assigns at least one partner, and one or more associates/agents, who are most knowledgeable in the particular technology, to each case. When you work with our team, you have the benefit of working with the team as a whole and not just one attorney on an individual basis.


KENFOX understands that every market and every technology is different. We work with your team to discuss and develop effective plans to protect your intellectual property. We are recognized as a top law firm for maintaining clear communication with our clients, developing effective prosecution strategies, and providing our services at a considerable value.



Our lawyers provide exceptional legal counsel, and that’s critical. But our value goes beyond that. We don’t sit around and wait for the phone to ring. We get out of the office and put on hard hats to meet clients where they are, in their industries. This helps us see around corners, spot trends and navigate approaching challenges before they become problems. That’s why clients put us in the leadership circle and consider us partners in the business.



KENFOX utilizes highly reputable docketing software to not only manage the client’s IP portfolio, but also monitor each official deadline. We also implement a stringent checking process to promote the integrity of our docketing system. As any system is only as good as the people operating the system, our docketing staff has extensive experience with our particular system and the ongoing support from the system administrator.



The heart and soul of KENFOX are its people. KENFOX professionals are our greatest asset as we recognize that our success is firstly defined by the quality of our people. KENFOX is a firm of highly competent, approachable, commercially-minded individuals working together as a team to provide an outstanding service to meet all of your IP needs. KENFOX people are more than patent and trademark attorneys, they’re scientists, strategists, trusted advisers, specialists in IP and legal sector and we train them to be the very best. We speak our client’s language and understand the detail of what drives them and the innovations.


We recruit top young talent to support senior members. Excellence and hard work are our top selection criteria. As soon as new associates join the firm, they are trained to meet the standards of operational excellence and responsibility required by us. We foster a work environment that enhances our people’ skills and expertise. We make every effort possible to support their career development, from creating small teams that offer more responsibility, serving clients better.



KENFOX attorneys dare to be different, strive to be better and take great pride in providing you clients with of advanced degrees, deep and diverse technical skills and in-house counsel and startup experience. Our difference is often best demonstrated by the way we work and our approach to problem solving.




KENFOX provides knowledgeable legal advice, experienced representation, notable client service, flexible solutions, optimized results, and exceptional value to all our clients