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We can say that our basic values have been at the foundation of KENFOX from its inception, and continue to guide our lawyers in providing service to our clients in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian jurisdictions. KENFOX clients expect and deserve outstanding legal service that is delivered efficiently and without unnecessary costs. We believe that each and every day we set ourselves apart from conventional big-law firm structure, which allows us more flexibility to meet your needs as our client for each and every matter in a productive and cost-friendly way. The below principles/values dictate KENFOX’s approach to every issue, internal or external, that it faces and enable to define who we are.



We will honestly report to all involved, in an open and timely manner, any situation that arises which might impact the success of a project.



We believe in transparency in both our work and in our charges. Our team will provide you with realistic estimates at the outset and we will not increase our charges without telling you first, before we carry out further work.



We appreciate that each case is different and each client is unique, so the way we provide advice isn’t ‘one size fits all’. We recognize that a great solution will vary, depending on the focus of your business, the sector you work in, and the unique challenges you face.



We provide quality advice at all times and will never provide advice just to generate more work. We will tell you if we think you should not proceed, if there is another action you could take, or if another professional is better placed to help you.



Our attorneys’ experience, capabilities and fee ranges are always considered alongside budgetary factors. We provide highly competitive fixed fees and/or hourly rates, in part due to our comparatively low overhead costs. We work with clients to develop a reasonable fee for the work they entrust to us. Our mission is simple – we aim to provide our clients with high quality legal services delivered on time for a reasonable fee.