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2019 Europe Conference: Embracing Change

As John F. Kennedy once famously said: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Indeed, constant technological advancements and innovation are changing the way we live, work, and communicate. This is as true for brand professionals as it is for individuals in everyday life. Confronted with such changes, brand counsel are asked to address a myriad of legal and business issues against a constantly changing professional, political, and legal landscape—where borders are soft, politics are changing, and the laws are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation.


This conference will help practitioners identify changes that will impact their professional life, discuss practical tips and concrete tools to adapt to the challenges raised, and enable attendees to better equip themselves to navigate the changing European political and legal landscape.


Join the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Paris, February 18 and 19, for the 2019 Europe Conference: Embracing Change, where leading legal and business experts and government officials will teach us how to navigate the opportunities and challenges for brand owners doing business in Europe today!


Topics include:


  • The future of intellectual property in Europe
  • The changing role of trademark teams
  • Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other innovative tools that affect business and legal practices
  • Promoting brands in a digital world
  • Online influencers
  • Data protection and GDPR
  • Anticounterfeiting
  • Creative protection and enforcement strategies
  • And much more!