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False Advertising & Unfair competition in Vietnam


KENFOX clients seeking to protect their intellectual property assets are not limited to patents, trademarks and copyrights. There are numerous statutes in Vietnam that protect valuable business information and competition in the business environment. KENFOX attorneys are well versed in all aspects of advertising laws. We conduct compliance reviews of advertising copy prior to publication, and provide practical advice on a broad range of advertising and marketing issues. KENFOX effectively represent clients in all types of advertising proceedings including false advertising and defamation actions, etc.


Protections available under the rubrics of unfair competition or unfair trade practices include, for example, (i) Misleading instructions; (ii) Infringement of business secrets; (iii) Coercion in business; (iv) Defamation of another enterprise; (v) Causing disruption to the business activities of another enterprise; (vi) Advertisement aimed at unfair competition; (vii) Promotion aimed at unfair competition; (vii) Discrimination by an association; (ix) Illegal multi-level selling of goods under Article 39 of Competition Law of Vietnam, which came into force on 01 July 2005. KENFOX attorneys have worked with clients to maximize the protection of their intellectual property and navigate the tangle of unfair competition laws. On behalf of our clients and with law enforcement assistance, KENFOX has successfully used the unfair competition laws to conduct large scale seizures of counterfeit cosmetic and medicinal products in Vietnam. These cases are taken as typical example of successful enforcement under unfair competition at various IP conferences in Vietnam. We are experienced in all aspects of unfair competition law, and regularly counsel clients on how to protect their rights and how to avoid unfair competition claims by others.


Since the body of unfair competition law is often intertwined with patents, trademarks and copyrights, KENFOX, as a premier provider of intellectual property legal services, is strategically placed to handle these matters. KENFOX attorneys have drafted agreements and licenses protecting the intellectual property assets of the clients and litigated on behalf of our clients to resolve questions of competitive activities.


We pride ourselves on leveling the playing field in the business arena and, when necessary, in the courts so that our clients are able to fairly compete in the marketplace.