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KENFOX patent team consists of lawyers and patent agents who are licensed to practice before the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP Vietnam) and have in-depth experience prosecuting patent applications and assisting clients in developing effective strategies for the development and protection of intellectual property. KENFOX patent attorneys assist clients in obtaining patent protection in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries and in negotiating patent landscapes to further their business objectives. A variety of technology and industry experience — including backgrounds in engineering, computer science, chemistry and biotechnology — as well as IP Vietnam experience, allows our attorneys to provide valuable insight to our clients in securing meaningful patent protection for their inventions and developing strategic patent portfolios as business assets.


KENFOX lawyers represent clients in patent protection in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries involving a wide variety of complex technologies, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, business systems and methods, computer systems and software, Internet- and email-related technologies, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, semiconductor manufacturing, consumer products, chemical processes and products, manufacturing processes and equipment, factory automation, security and monitoring equipment, oil drilling, and water treatment and purification systems, to name a few.


Clients rely on the specific knowledge of KENFOX’ registered patent attorneys to obtain patentability opinions, prepare and file patent applications in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries in all subject matters and disciplines, and render validity and infringement opinions. We also coordinate with our international networks of law firms to secure and maintain patent protection throughout Asia. KENFOX attorneys thoroughly grasp the science and technology behind each client’s ideas.


Of the industries in which KENFOX has significant experience, a number of lawyers focus their practices on the complexities involved in bringing pharmaceuticals to market, handling regulatory issues with the Food and Drug Administration and abbreviated new drug applications for clients before Drug Administration of Vietnam, Cosmetic Division of Vietnam, Ministry of Health of Vietnam.


KENFOX helps clients in multiple industries understand how to maximize the value of patents, and we appreciate the importance of carefully managing and implementing patent portfolios for the benefit of their businesses. We offer our clients technology solutions for real-time patent docket management through the KENFOX intellectual property management software Also, our IP Practice Group has substantial experience in the domestic and international licensing and transfer of patents and all forms of intellectual property.


KENFOX patent team routinely:


  • Conduct patent novelty searches to evaluate the patentability of inventions, freedom to operate and patent infringement studies to help clients avoid infringement of third party patents, and validity studies of patents which may be of concern to our clients in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries
  • Prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries while providing advice regarding the appropriate patent strategy and optimum filings for each client’s business situation and requirements.
  • Advise on or helping formulate programs to identify and protect inventions created by employees or third parties;
  • Do qualified technical translation;
  • Do filings through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system and advise clients on patent protection in various jurisdictions;
  • Draft. amend, and review legal documents for patent assignment and license;
  • Request for re-examination;
  • Provide customs recordal protection service;
  • Investigate and collect evidence for patent infringement;
  • Doing proceedings involving patent infringement, oppositions, ownership dispute/interference proceedings worldwide, and alternative dispute resolution.;
  • Provide patent annual charge payment and reminding service;
  • Draft global invention/utility solution protection and license strategies;
  • Advise on issues of amendment, validity and infringement;
  • Advise on compulsory licence application;
  • Institute opposition, appeal, cancellation and invalidation proceedings;
  • Record changes for patent;
  • Providing patent asset management counseling and transactional advice, including due diligence patent asset evaluation.


KENFOX experienced and highly trained patent lawyers and agents consistently represent some of the world’s largest technology companies, for which we have successfully prepared and prosecuted a lot of patent applications. Our patent prosecution team helps clients protect innovation and gain a competitive edge in the market. As a leader in the industry, KENFOX has helped our clients obtain hundreds of patents in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries.


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Patent searches

If the inventions which are described in the patent publications have never resulted in a granted patent, or if the patent has since expired, it may be safe to use these inventions. However, if a given patent remain valid, your continuous use will place you at risk of patent infringement and further filing of patent application will make no sense. In such respect, it is critical for you to know this at the start of your product development. This may result your proper actions. You may, for example, try to obtain a licence for this patent or change the direction of your product development to avoid further problems from this patent.


Other reasons for patent searches:


  • to find knock-out prior art that will prevent a patent, or at the very least make any patent that is obtained extremely narrow.
  • to assess whether a product developed by you is eligible for patent protection.
  • to get an idea of the technical field you are embarking on
  • to monitor the rights of competitors
  • to prepare for a possible opposition against the patent.


KENFOX has access to a large number of databases and registers, so that our patent lawyers can carry out a thorough search for clients. For in-depth or specialist searches, our patent attorneys work together with a number of specialist search offices. We evaluate the technical and legal implications of the results of these searches.


Patent application in Vietnam


Drafting a patent application in Vietnam

KENFOX patent attorneys will draft a text in which the clients’ inventions are extensively described. This text is often accompanied by a number of patent drawings. These patent drawings are produced by our draughtsman, in consultation, of course, with the patent attorney. KENFOX understands that the quality of the text and drawings largely determines the value of the subsequent patent. KENFOX has the legal and technical expertise in-house to set invention out in writing in such a way that the protection afforded is commensurate with the clients’ invention and thirstrategy.


Patent application by KENFOX patent attorneys

Over many years that the firm has been in business, KENFOX attorneys have built up an extensive clientele, and have gained substantial experience in the protection of inventions. Quality and customer focus are KENFOX’s main priorities. Particularly in terms of the legal facilities that a patent and a patent application offer, KENFOX brings value added with its legal department, for example if follow-up legal action needs to be taken against infringers.


Patent Prosecution

KENFOX understands that intellectual property is most often among our client’s most valuable assets. Protecting such assets is obviously one of the most important tasks that our clients face. This effort can be achieved only by relying on outstanding counselors and attorneys who understand their business, strategies and goals, and who consistently work with their management and technical teams to provide strategic counseling to develop patent portfolios. KENFOX patent attorneys serve in these roles for our clients.


Utility Patents

Our patent attorneys and professionals have successfully prepared, prosecuted and secured issuances of hundreds of patent applications in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar across a full spectrum of technologies. KENFOX has significant experience with forming strategies for securing offensive and defensive patent portfolios, which are some of the strategies we form for our clients.


What sets KENFOX apart is our understanding that securing a strong and enforceable patent is the driving force of our clients’ strategy. KENFOX patent attorneys assist our clients in this effort with a mindset that every application we prepare, file and prosecute would be involved in an asset-generating transaction, or even in litigation. Such strategic understanding is the backbone of our approach to securing patent rights for our clients. As a result, we fully understand how to procure patent protection for our clients so as to maximize their investment in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.


Lots of not-for-profit entities turn to KENFOX to form patent and technology strategies to benefit the research and business licensing model of such institutions. In particular, KENFOX patent attorneys represent a number of universities, medical centers and research institutions, as well companies emerging from such entities to help them achieve their goals. We use our market knowledge to help clients fully develop their patent portfolio and achieve their desired goals, financial obligations and the overriding need to bring important products to the market for the betterment of the public.


Design Patents

KENFOX design patent prosecution practice is bolstered by our extensive experience in counseling our clients on questions of infringement, validity and freedom to operate. The field of design patents is highly intricate and nuanced, and our counseling practice provides our lawyers with the proper perspective to prepare and prosecute design applications.


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