Mr. Do Van SU

Do Van SU concentrates his practice on all aspects of intellectual property law including patents and trademarks, with significant experience and emphasis on Internet and technology law. SU leads an enforcement team who assists clients to conduct investigations to track infringing and counterfeit product from manufacturing/wholesale source. He regularly handles matters related to developing and implementing programs to combat online counterfeiting and infringement. His profound experience and expertise has enabled KENFOX to develop effective and efficient online enforcement solutions.  As a result, KENFOX coordinated with Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (ASID) of General Department of Vietnam Customs, Economic Police, Market Management Agencies to successfully conduct many raids against traders and manufacturers of counterfeits and infringing trademarked goods, seizing thousands of counterfeit and infringing products.

As a result of his responsibilities related to KENFOX’s online brand protection efforts, SU is highly experienced in all types of internet website and domain name disputes. He has represented clients in numerous counterfeiting, trademark infringement in enforcement actions in coordination with the enforcement authorities that have resulted in rulings/judgments against infringers and various domains names being transferred to clients. SU also has significant IP enforcement experience removing infringing content from Internet, websites and social media networks.


SU has worked numerous times with law enforcement and customs authorities internationally to protect KENFOX clients’ brands. His efforts overseeing hundreds of investigations and raids in the Vietnam and ASEAN have resulted in the seizure of thousands of counterfeit products.

  • Provided food and beverages companies with anti-counterfeiting brand protection strategies.
  • Participated in training of law enforcement agencies (Customs officials).
  • Conducted in-market surveys or investigations and obtaining test purchases
  • Coordinated with law enforcement agencies to conduct raids against counterfeits and infringing electric bikes and motorbikes traded/assembled in Vietnam.
  • Participated in regular search and seizure operations.
  • Provided opinions on patent infringement, validity and enforceability
  • Counseled clients on licensing and portfolio development
  • Acted for clients in trademark and trade dress litigation in Vietnam.
  • Rendered opinions on trademark infringement, validity and enforceability to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Advised on trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings.
  • Provided worldwide brand protection counseling for combating domestic and off-shore Infringers and counterfeiters
  • Conducted internet copyright and trademark enforcement actions including removal of infringing links from counterfeit websites
  • Provided advice to clients on domain name acquisition, protection and disputes.