Ms. Dao Thi Thuy NGA

Dao Thi Thuy NGA is a senior associate of KENFOX. NGA holds a Master of Electronics Engineering Education from the Hanoi University of Technology, a top prestigious and influential multidisciplinary technical university in Vietnam. 


Specializing in information technology, electronics and telecommunications, NGA has spent around 10 years prosecuting hundreds of patent and industrial design applications across a very wide range of technologies. NGA is involved in all areas of patent protection, including working closely with companies to identify inventions, drafting patent applications and prosecuting them to grant, attending to opposition and appeal proceedings, providing infringement and validity opinions. She has extensive experience of prosecution in patent offices worldwide, including in particular, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.


NGA also has a particular interest in working with start-up companies to assist in the identification of inventions and the development and management of patent strategies to maximise the value of their IP assets. Client-focused, NGA uses her considerable expertise and experience, both in obtaining and defending her client’s rights, to implement patent strategies and obtain strong and defensive protection, and thereby help her clients achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.


In addition to her patent work, NGA is expert and experienced in the protection of industrial designs around the world, in particular before IP Vietnam.


Before joining KENFOX, NGA worked for some leading companies in Vietnam, including a top 4 IP law firm of Vietnam where she spent several years working as a Patent Specialist.

  • Handled more than 500 patent and design applications in the IT, electronics, telecommunications, mechanical, and chemistry fields, among other areas;
  • Handled patent applications from the pre-filing to post-granting stages, such as advised before filing; translated patent specifications into Vietnamese, filed applications, reported and responded to formality and substantive office actions; advised on oppositions and appeals; handled payments for annuities; amended/assigned during the prosecution and after the grant;
  • Worked with clients to propose patent protection strategies, including invention capture and patent portfolio management;
  • Managed patents for several Chinese, Korea, Japanese, Finland electronics and telecommunications companies;
  • Conducted patent searches and provided clients with advice on patentability of patent applications;
  • Provided patent landscape reviews, freedom to operate opinions and due diligence opinions;
  • Drafted patent specifications for Vietnamese inventors/applicants under Program 68 organized and sponsored by IP Vietnam.