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Trademark Prosecution in Vietnam


In order to distinguish your marks and secure powerful legal recourse in case of infringement, we are aware that it is critical to obtain a proper registration of your trademarks with Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (“IP Vietnam”). Obtaining approval of a trademark registration in Vietnam depends on submitting a detailed and accurate application that illustrates the distinctive features of your mark and clearly distinguishes it from other registered trademarks. Practice indicates that a trademark that is more distinctive is more likely to be approved for registration, and also less likely to be trespassed. A trademark that stands alone from other marks will ultimately separate your business from the competition.


KENFOX has expertise in identifying, comparing and contrasting the marks across multiple industries that are necessary for securing a trademark registration and distinguishing your brand. Our trademark attorneys know that registration is a labor-intensive process that requires working collaboratively with the NOIP to overcome technical hurdles and achieve successful outcomes for our clients. By understanding the clients’ business objectives in Vietnam, we will help them create a distinctive brand identity and obtain the maximum protection for their trademarks in this jurisdiction.