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Trademark Rejections and Trademark Office Actions in Vietnam


During formality and substantive trademark examination, the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP Vietnam) issues various Office Actions (i.e. Notice on formality deficiency, Notice of substantive examination result, etc.). Office Actions are a type of response you may receive from IP Vietnam regarding your trademark application. They outline issues with the application that need to be addressed before registration can be granted. The issues cited in an Office Action can range from simple disclaimers to very complex likelihood of confusion refusals citing multiple marks prior registered in Vietnam or designating Vietnam for protection under Madrid system. Further the response to an Office Action can affect the scope of the trademark’s final registration. It is important to respond to an Office Action with a complete understanding of the issues and response options.


KENFOX’s experienced attorneys understand the host of potential direct response options, and even some indirect legal options (such as attempting to cancel an opposing mark or seeking concurrent use). KENFOX IP attorneys lawyers are the best choice for business who seek success at IP Vietnam or Ministry of Science & Technology of Vietnam (MOST).


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