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Want prior-filing trademark searches / Registrability searches in Vietnam?

KENFOX pre-filing search team can conduct full trademark searches based on the database of the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP Vietnam) and WIPO’s online trademark database, or even on the Vietnamese national enterprise database to identify whether there are any registered or pending trademarks or company names/corporate names or trade names similar to the chosen ones of the client. Under Article 6.3(a) of the IP Law of Vietnam, trademark rights are established on ground of a decision on trademark registration or protection in Vietnam (with an exception of well-known trademarks where trademark rights can be established on use). Trade names also constitute a form of industrial property in Vietnam, with rights established through their use rather than under a formal registration system. In case the trade name has been used before the application date of KENFOX client’s mark, use of the intended trademark in commerce may pose them to risk of infringement over the prior trade name. Because of this, KENFOX is aware that it is economically and legally important to conduct trade mark searches to even assess the risks of infringing someone else’s rights.


Our firm’s trademark attorney conduct many complex prior-filing searches each year and we have extensive experience in counselling the clients on options after the trademark searches. KENFOX attorneys can provide you with a trademark search report with our professional analysis within 02-03 working days, depending on the number of requested trademarks or the urgency of the request. Based on the client’s trademark specimen, KENFOX trademark attorneys will provide practical advice on where and what to search, arrange for searches to be conducted and furnish the clients with commercial and practical advice and analysis on the search results.


For a prior-filing trademark search, the clients are required to provide us with (i) a clear specimen of the mark; and (ii) the list of goods/services and the corresponding international class, if known.


Call or email us for our further advice on prior filing trademark search/availability search in Vietnam and for involved costs for such search.