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Australia: IP Australia launches intellectual property mediation service

On 10 July 2017, IP Australia launched its IP Mediation Referral Service. The intent of the service is to encourage intellectual property disputes to be resolved more cost effectively through mediation instead of litigation or other adversarial procedures. What is the IP Mediation Referral Service

The IP Mediation Referral Service currently contains a list of mediators with specialisations in certain areas of intellectual property. Users of the service can view the pricing, qualifications and experience of the mediator and contact the mediator if they wish to engage the mediator.

IP Australia claims that globally up to 70% of intellectual property disputes that go to mediation are successfully resolved through the mediation.

Start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises are particularly targeted by the service, as these groups will often be in need of a lower cost and less formal approach to resolving IP related disputes.

Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Craig Laundy acknowledged that the value of intellectual property is directly linked to the ability of the intellectual property owner to protect it in a cost effective manner.

Making the protection of intellectual property more accessible to Australians is important to fostering an innovative culture and encouraging entrepreneurship.

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