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Evergreening Strategy: Extending Patent Protection, Innovation or Obstruction?

“Evergreening” in the context of intellectual property (IP), especially in the field of patents, refers to a strategy that companies often use to prolong their commercial exclusivity. This strategy is particularly common in the pharmaceutical industry, where companies secure patents for minor modifications, improvements, or new applications of existing products. Often, these patents are based not on entirely new technical solutions but rather on minor changes to previously protected products or processes. The purpose of these modifications is to extend patent exclusivity without the necessity to create a completely new product....

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5 Legal Secrets to Effectively Protect Utility Solutions That You Need to Know

Download Do you have a breakthrough idea or new technical solution in Vietnam and want to protect it without being encumbered by the strict requirements of conventional patent protection? Consider registering for protection in the form of “Utility Solutions”, which may be the ideal solution to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights. Registering technical innovations and improvements (solutions) for protection in the form of utility solutions offers a simple and quick method to safeguard intellectual property rights, without necessitating "inventiveness" - a prerequisite for patent protection. This distinction renders utility solutions an appealing option, particularly suitable for technical solutions that may not...

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