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Coping with counterfeit trading on e-commerce websites/platforms in Vietnam

The e-commerce market is growing in Vietnam, but it is also used to trade counterfeit goods with increasingly sophisticated activities online. Counterfeit trading on e-commerce websites/platforms is largely seen nowadays in Vietnam. The consumers who have changed their traditional shopping habits recently and switched to online more over the past years, especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in floods of fake websites and/or online counterfeiting.

As known, currently, Vietnam dominates the top-ten Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms. 5/10 e-commerce platforms have the highest average traffic in 2020 in Southeast Asia are Vietnamese enterprises.

To cope with online counterfeiting, the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency has recently co-operated with the Vietnam Competition and Consumer Protection Authority and the Department of Cyber Security and High-tech Crime Prevention under the Ministry of Public Security to investigate suspected violators and imposed monetary fines thereagainst.

Despite the proactive governmental efforts, online counterfeiting of foreign well-known brands in Vietnam is still spread and alarming.

In an effort to strengthen the fight against counterfeit goods, unidentified goods and goods that infringe intellectual property rights in e-commerce, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has opened the portals which include the following websites:

How a report on an infringing website, an e-commerce website to the Vietnam competent authority will be handled? Please see 5 steps to resolve a report on an infringing website, a counterfeit selling website below.

It is expected that the portals will connect and share information between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the relevant offices, such as the Department of Electronic Commerce and Digital Economy, the General Department of Market Management, Department of Competition and the Consumer Protection Department and help to effectively manage and solve complaints and disputes for consumers and IPR holders in Vietnam.

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