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Correcting a clerical error or changing my nationality and address in copyright registration in Myanmar: How?


Incorrect information in the Copyright Registration Certificate in Myanmar can indeed create significant obstacles for copyright owners. If the information on the certificate is incorrect, it may undermine the owner’s claim, allowing infringers to challenge the legitimacy of the ownership. Inaccuracies in the registration certificate can lead to delays in legal proceedings as these issues need to be resolved before moving forward with enforcement actions. Ambiguities or errors in copyright registration details might lead to disputes not only with infringers but also with co-authors, heirs, or assignees who might have a claim to the copyright. Hence, maintaining the accuracy of the copyright registration details is paramount for copyright owners.

Under Article 52 of Myanmar’s Copyright Law, it is possible to make corrections to clerical errors or other mistakes in the copyright register, as well as updating personal information such as nationality and address.

Process for correcting clerical errors or changing information:

•  Application to the Registrar: You must apply to the Registrar to correct any clerical error or other mistakes in the application or any document, or to change your nationality and address as recorded in the register. This step typically involves submitting a formal request detailing the specific corrections or updates needed.

•  Payment of prescribed fees: Along with your application for correction or update, you need to pay the prescribed fees. These fees likely cover the administrative costs associated with processing your request. The exact amount of these fees is determined by the copyright office and should be outlined in their fee schedules or regulations.

•  Submission of supporting documentation: Depending on the nature of the correction or update, you may be required to submit supporting documentation. For changes in personal details like nationality or address, relevant legal documents (such as a passport or government-issued ID for nationality, and utility bills or lease agreements for address changes) might be necessary to substantiate your request.

•  Limitations on corrections: While Article 52 explicitly allows for the correction of clerical errors and changes to nationality and address, it implies that there may be limitations on the types of changes that can be made. Generally, corrections are limited to factual inaccuracies or outdated information that does not materially alter the copyright claim or the essence of the registered work. For instance, corrections might include typographical errors, misspellings, outdated contact information, or inaccuracies in the recorded details of the copyrighted work.

The process for correcting errors and updating personal details in Myanmar’s copyright registry is designed to be straightforward and accessible. By paying the prescribed fees and providing the necessary documentation, copyright owners can ensure their rights are accurately recorded and effectively protected in Myanmar.

By Nguyen Vu QUAN

Partner & IP Attorney