Grant of license

Example 3-1: Grant of license

Company hereby grants to Licensee, during the life of this Agreement, an exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable license to manufacture, use and sell the Licensed Product under the Patents, Know-How and other technical furnished by Company hereunder in Territory. Licensee shall manufacture the Licensed Product only at the factory in (…) owned or controlled by Licensee and approved in advance by Company.

Example 3-2: Grant of license

(Computer Soft License Agreement)

Company hereby appoints Licensee the exclusive license for the sub-license, sales, lease, Installation and support of the Products within the Territory.

Example 3-3: Restriction on Company

(Computer Soft License Agreement)

While this Agreement is in force, Company shall not itself sell, hire or in any other manner dispose of the Products within the Territory. Company undertakes that it shall refer all inquiries to Licensee who in turn will be required to detail all prospects and contracts and their marketing program to Company at its request from time to time.

Example 3-4: Grant of license

ABC hereby grants to XYZ, during the term of this Agreement;

(a) The exclusive right and license with the right to grant sub- license to manufacture, have manufactured, use, sell, lease and import the Licensed Products in the Exclusive Territory under the Patents and utilizing the Technical;

(b) The non-exclusive right and license to use or sell the Licensed Products in the Non Exclusive Territory under the Patents and utilizing the Technical. In addition to the Territory, XYZ may export the Licensed Products to such areas where ABC has no patent right pertaining to the Licensed Products or ABC is not customarily selling the License Products or the exclusive right and license to sell the Licensed Products has not been granted to any third party.