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Navigating Vietnam’s Regulatory Landscape: CSPC Company’s Working Visit to KENFOX for Drug Registration and IPR Protection

On May 10, 2023, our firm, KENFOX IP & Law Office, was delighted to receive a working visit from CSPC Pharmaceutical Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd at our office in Hanoi, seeking our assistance with setting up a representative office in Hanoi, drug registration and issues related to the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights in Vietnam. CSPC is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China with state-of-the-art production lines and a professional R&D team focused on drug discovery, clinical development and safeguarding IP rights.

CSPC Company recognizes the potential opportunities for expanding their market and aims to import and export pharmaceutical products in Vietnam while ensuring the protection of IPR in Vietnam. During the meeting, KENFOX team provided the CSPC representative with an overview of the legal requirements as well as registration process for pharmaceutical products in Vietnam, which is an essential and urgent document for reaching consumers. Obtaining a Marketing Authorization for a drug/medicine in Vietnam has never been easy due to strict regulations for imported drugs. During this working visit, various strategies were discussed to facilitate the drug registration while ensuring compliance with the law and the protection of IPR. Mr. Quan Nguyen Vu, an IP Attorney of KENFOX IP & Law Office with extensive experience in IP protection, also shared with the CSPC representatives about the complicated legal issues and potential roadblocks.

KENFOX is one of the leading professional legal service providers in Vietnam, providing a wide range of relevant services to both domestic and foreign clients. Our team includes not only lawyers, experts in the field of IPR, but also pharmacists and chemists who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise to provide tailored advice on the best strategies to protect our clients’ intellectual property, as well as support and guidance on the successful registration of their drug/medicine in Vietnam to be able to advise our clients on the best strategies to ensure that their IPR is protected. Our team of experts can assist clients in the import, declaration, registration, drafting and review of other necessary documents.

The successful conclusion of CSPC Company’s working visit to KENFOX provided the Chinese delegation with a new perspective and deeper understanding of the regulatory approval process, timelines, and requirements, as well as the critical aspects of intellectual property rights protection in Vietnam.

Below are pictures taken during the working visit by CSPC Pharmaceutical Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd at KENFOX: