Mr. Chu Thanh TU

Chu Thanh TU is a partner in the IP litigation and investment consultancy practice of KENFOX.

TU concentrates his practice on IP litigation and transactions and on counseling startup companies on new business formations and structure. TU has represented clients at all levels of litigation and his clients range from emerging companies to leading generic pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, optical and laser technology companies, publishers and media companies, major universities, and information services and technology companies.


TU has represented his clients in complex litigation and appellate courts, in alternative dispute resolution forums and before the IP Office of Vietnam, Intellectual Property Departments of Laos and Cambodia. He has resolved many disputes without the costly involvement of litigation and has settled many litigated matters to avoid protracted proceedings and related costs. TU has presented both legal and technical issues in a manner easily understood by the enforcement authorities. He also provides expert legal opinions for clients who have been accused of patent infringement.


TU also provides legal advice in areas of foreign investments pertaining to setting up a 100% foreign invested or joint venture enterprise, joint stock company in Vietnam, registration and de-registration of branches, businesses and representative offices, finding partnerships, settling negotiations, reviewing and drafting of legal documents, etc. His commercial advise also encompasses overseeing and handling corporate and real estate mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, securities offerings for clients in the automotive, machinery, banking and finance, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, computer software, energy, real estate development and management, commercial and industrial construction, and entertainment industries.

  • Established a non-infringement position for a Vietnamese corporation when threatened with litigation.
  • Offered counseling on patentability issues at every stage of the product cycle, including its genesis to clients.
  • Provided clients with evaluations of the strength and scope of patents and related intellectual property in valuing businesses and technologies for acquisition purposes.
  • Counseled to clients on patent infringement likelihood, provided patent opinions for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Conducted patent infringement enforcement actions, prosecution and defense, including litigation when necessary.
  • Provided clients with alternative dispute resolutions, both before and during litigation, including party-to-party negotiations, court assisted mediation, the use of mediators and arbitration proceedings.
  • Represented clients with preparation of dossiers and documents and liaised with competent authorities for implement of procedures of investment registration and investment project evaluation the laws.
  • Represented clients on negotiation with their partners with regard to their needs of investment cooperation, assignment/receipt of assignment of project.