Ms. Hoang Thi Tuyet HONG

Hoang Thi Tuyet HONG is a senior associate of KENFOX. HONG is the experienced IP attorney of the firm, starting practising as a patent specialist in 2011 and progressively extending her practice to trademark counselling and strategic planning for integrated IP rights protection.

HONG graduated from Hanoi University with a major in English language and received a Bachelor of Arts in local and international law with distinction degree from Hanoi Law University, a top prestigious law university in Vietnam. After graduation, she worked as a paralegal for Deputy Head of Judicial Support Division at Hanoi Department of Justice for 2 years where she was involved in the legal services and judicial interpretations before specializing in the IP realm.


Prior to joining the firm, HONG served nearly 10 years at one of top 4 IP law firms in Vietnam, where she gained a profound understanding of the lifecycle of IP proceedings both in theory and in practice. During her tenure, she monitored IP docketing team, handled more than 1,000 patent applications for domestic and foreign clients as well as extending to other main IP matters such as trademarks and copyrights.


At KENFOX, HONG has been engaged in patent and trademark work and is familiar with various IP business processes not just in Vietnam but also in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and other ASEAN countries. She has accumulated rich experience in patent and trademark registration application, transfer, change, renewal, license filing, revocation, opposition, evaluation and litigation. HONG’s expertise covers a wide range of intellectual property matters, including litigations on disputes over trademarks, patents, and copyrights, investigation and enforcement against trademark counterfeiting, patent infringement and piracy through administrative and civil actions, transferring and acquiring trademarks, patents and copyrighted works.


As a multi-faceted intellectual property counsel with academic credentials on Vietnam’s legislation and over ten years of experience in IP sector, HONG has become a senior associate who is able to formulate appropriate IP strategies according to different enterprise characteristics and provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises. She speaks fluent Vietnamese and English.




“Under the era of rapid technological development and globalization, operations in IP matters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, and their roles are changing dramatically. Accompanied with KENFOX, I am committed to flexibility, professionalism and being able to adapt to shifting circumstances in order to provide clients with proactive advices and strategies to make us stand out from the crowd.”

  • Actively managed preparation and prosecution of Vietnam and foreign patent applications, namely, handled more than 1,000 patent applications at the pre-filing and post-granting stages.
  • Filed and successfully registered a variety of trademarks with Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam, Department of Intellectual Property of Laos and Department of Intellectual Property of Cambodia.
  • Provided advice and recommendations to enterprises regarding trademarks, patents, copyrights and branding, including clearance searches, strategy and maintenance of trademark and patent portfolio.
  • Led and/or assisted on IP portfolio management and registered IP prosecution for trademarks and patents subject to clients from Japan, Korea, China, the United States of America and some other countries.
  • Oversaw and monitored the clients’ trademark and patent portfolio, including being responsible for search, application of registrations, and providing timely responses or taking actions necessary to maintain registration.
  • Handled trademark infringement issues, including oppositions and cancellations, online takedowns, drafting and sending or responding to cease-and-desist letters, and preparing settlement agreements.