Quality Control

Example 10-1: Quality and other controls

Licensee warrants that the Licensed Product manufactured and sold hereunder shall be at Its own responsibility of good quality comparable to corresponding products manufactured and sold by Licensor and shall be suitable for their intended purpose: that no injurious, poisonous, deleterious or toxic compounds and chemical raw materials will be used In or on the Licensed Product, that the Licensed Product will not be inherently dangerous to the users thereof and that the Licensed Product will be manufactured, used and sold by Licensee in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries of the Territory.

Example 10-2: Quality of licensees service

In the provision of education, installation, assistance, maintenance and query support services as outlined in the above article (Sale of Products), Licensee undertakes to the best of its ability to ensure that Licensee allocates staff with adequate experience, to the marketing and support of the Products. Licensee further undertakes to use its best endeavor to create an image of substance and expertise behind the Products.

Example 10-3: Quality control

(1) The quality of the Licensed Products to be manufactured and sold by XYZ shall be in accordance with the quality standards reasonably designated ABC and any substantial deviation there: from shall require the prior written approval of ABC.

(2) XYZ shall, by request of ABC, at its own expenses, make available samples of the Licensed Products manufactured by XX for inspection by ABC with respect to the quality thereof.

Example 10-4: Quality

Licensee shall manufacture Products in conformity with the quality standards and/or specifications of Licensor, as furnished by Licensor from time to time. Licensor shall have the right to inspect Licensee’s plant, equipment and manufacturing techniques, and to receive samples of Products, free of charge, so as to determine whether Licensee is manufacturing Products in conformity with Licensor’s quality standards and/or specifications.

Licensor shall advise Licensee of any discrepancies in quality or adherence to specifications, and Licensee shall, upon receipt of such advice, promptly correct any discrepancies to Licensor’s satisfaction.