Supply of Technical

Example 5-1: Technical guidance by Licensor

Not later than (…) days after the Effective Date, Representative of Licensor and Licensee, shall hold a design conference in (…) in order to determine, the basis of design, plant layout, codes and standards, and a coordination procedure for performing the work.

Licensee can request Licensor to attendance by the contractor … selected by Licensee for the supply of the engineering documents, for the plant, provided all obligations of secrecy, hereinafter stipulated in Article (…) of this Agreement, have been fulfilled.

On the basis of the results of the design conference, Licensor shall prepare the process design documents, and shall deliver it to Licensee within the following delivery terms:

Part I: within (…) months after completion of the design conference.

Part II: within (… ) months after completion of the design conference.

The detailed schedule for delivery of the documents mentioned the above shall be defined during the design conference: Specifically, equipment lists and specifications, data for procurement of scheduled delivery Items, plant safety and environmental protection equipment, within (…) months after completion of the design conference: Preparatory documents, suitable for Licensee to start the preparation of the engineering, within (…) months after completion of the design conference. The process design documents shall be prepared in the English language, use the metric system of weights and measures, and shall conform to the codes and standards agreed with both parties during the design conference.

Example 5-2:  Supply of Technical 

1.Company shall furnish Licensee with Technical within … days after the date of execution of this Agreement and after receipt of the payment of the license fee as stipulated In the Paragraph 1 of Article 8 hereof.

2.Company shall furnish Licensee free of charge with following Technical: …

Example 5-3:  Technical 

Company hereby agrees to start to disclose Know-how immediately after the Effective Date of this Agreement and furnish, during the life of this Agreement, to Licensee with other technical, scientific data and documents related to the Licensed Product and are In the possession of Company which Company has a right to disclose and furnish to Licensee without any obligation against any third party on the effective Date hereof.

Example 5-4: Disclosure (of Technical information) 

Within (…) days after the Effective Date, ABC shall furnish XYZ in documentary form all Technical which shall be necessary and sufficient for XYZ to manufacture, use and sell the Licensed Products. During the term of this Agreement, ABC shall continue to furnish XYZ, by request of XYZ, Technical in documentary form of otherwise without additional charge therefore.