The most favored treatment

Example (1): The most favored treatment

If, at any time during the term of this Agreement, Licensor grants any other license under the Patents, Trademarks and Technical to any third party in connection with the manufacture, use and sale of the Licensed Products in the Non- Exclusive Territory at more favorable consideration than those provided herein, Licensor shall promptly notify Licensee in writing the details of such other license and Licensee may have the option right of adopting equally favorable consideration.

Example (2): Most favored licensee

If licensor, after the effective date, grants a third party (not a subsidiary nor affiliate of licensor or licensee) a license to use the technical information, and immunity under relevant patent rights, in any country of European Economic Community and asian pacific area, which license and immunity are of the same scope as granted in this agreement, and on monetary terms that, when considered In their entirety, are more favorable than those provided herein, licensor shall promptly notify Licensee of such favorable terms and licensee, if it so elects within 45 days from said notice, shall be entitled to accept such more favorable terms for its operations hereunder subsequent to such grant in substitution for the terms herein but only for so long as, and subject to the same conditions as, such more favorable terms are available to said third party. In addition to royalties, reasonable value shall be attributed to other consideration and rights given to licensor by such third party and taken into account in determining the monetary terms being made available to such third party by licensor.

The modified terms will begin as of the date licensee accepts said terms. Nothing herein shall be construed as requiring a refund or credit of payments or other sums already paid  or accrued hereunder prior to such acceptance.

Example (3): The most favored licensee treatment

Following the Effective Date, If the Licensor enters into a similar license agreement In the Territory for Patent and/or Knowhow with any third party under terms and conditions more favorable that those within this Agreement, Licensor shall give immediate written notice thereof to Licensee. If Licensee so elects, It shall automatically become entitled to substitute such more favorable terms for those herein: said substitution to be effective as of the date and continuance of said other license to any third party.