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Trademarks re-filed during Soft Opening Period in Myanmar

Department of Intellectual Property of Myanmar (or “Myanmar IP Office”) recently published a flowchart on trademark examination which is generally adopted for trademark applications re-filed therewith. You can view the flowchart at this link:

It is unclear, however, from the above flowchart, that when the entire examination for a trademark application filed/re-filed with Myanmar IP Office will be completed. Further, no meticulous trademark examination guidelines have been issued up to date. Having said that, it is not clear whether a Notification of Acceptance will be issued during formality examination in case a trademark application in Myanmar satisfies formality requirements.

Besides, Myanmar IP Office has not issued any additional Notification on further required documents for the re-filed trademark applications (e.g. Letter of Authorization, or original previously endorsed Declaration of Ownership of Trademark, etc.). Official fee for the re-filed trademark applications has not also been determined until now.  

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