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Vietnam adopts the Nice Classification 11th Edition

Announcement on Adopting the Vietnamese Version of the Nice Classification of Goods and Service 11-2018 from January 01, 2018.

As of 01 January 2018, The Vietnamese version of the Nice Classification 11th Edition – version 2018 (NCL 11-2018), translated by the IP Office of Vietnam (“IP Vietnam”) from the English version published by WIPO, will be applied to the classification of goods and services for trademark registrations.

Applicants who do not classify the designated goods and services correctly in accordance with the Vietnamese version of the NCL 11-2018 will have their goods and services reclassified by NOIP and have to pay additional fees according to the regulations.

The Vietnamese translation of the NCL 11-2018 can now be found in the Industrial Property Official Gazette no. 356B published by the IP Vietnam on November 27, 2017, and on the websites of the IP Vietnam ( as well as the Ministry of Science and Technology (

Notice No. 10147/TB-SHTT dated November 24, 2018 can be download here

Any matter arising during implementation of the NCL 11-2018 should be promptly informed to NOIP for resolution./.

The amendments to the Nice Classification 11th Edition – version 2018 can be  download here.

List of goods and services in alphabetical order of the the Nice Classification 11th Edition – version 2018 can be download here and download here.

Tips for classification of goods/services for trademark registration in Vietnam:

Generally, class headings are not acceptable, except few classes (for example, Class 25_Clothing, footwear, headgear). For the purpose of calculation of fees and trademark examination, the description of goods/services must be sufficiently specific. In other words, the goods and services under any applications must be listed into specific items, preferably using the terms guided in the Alphabetical List of the Nice Classification.

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