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Main takeaways for seeking protection for industrial designs in Vietnam

Industrial designs serve as an valuable tool for any manufacturer who relies on the outward appearance of their products to attract customers and entice potential buyers to choose their offering over the competition. As such, features protectable as industrial designs can be used both purely as a form of aesthetic enticement, as well as a way to distinguish your products, helping them stand out from a multitude of similar goods. Combating design infringement has never been easy. Design registrations protect against infringers from producing the same goods or products which do not produce a different overall visual impression on an...

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Notification on re-filing trademark applications to keep trademark rights effective in Myanmar

On 28 August 2020, the Ministry of Commerce and Trade issued Notification No. 63/2020 on 28 August 2020 which states that the Soft Opening Period will start launching on 01 October 2020 for the marks owner under the section 93(a) of the new Trade Mark law. During the Soft Opening Period (i.e. from 01 October 2020 to 01 April 2020), the Myanmar Registrar will only receive applications for re-registration of the trademarks which have been previously registered with Myanmar Registrar, but not receive applications for registering new trademarks in Myanmar. ...

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