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Are Copyright Registrations Registrable With Customs In Laos?

Customs recordal in Laos is applicable not only for trademark registrations but also for copyright registrations. The procedures and authorities involved in examining the customs recordal of these IP subject matters as mentioned are the same.

Copyright owners seeking to record their copyrights with the Laos Customs Department must submit an application alongside the required documents and fees. One of the essential documents is a Copyright registration certificate in Laos.

Despite being a signatory to Berne Convention, Laos handles copyrights territorially. Copyright owners are advised to register their works within the country to ensure comprehensive protection of their IP rights. This recommendation is made due to limited knowledge of copyright law in Laos, a lack of confidence from the enforcement authorities, and their increasing reluctance to take action in cases where copyright infringement is not obvious.

In light of the above, copyright holders seeking to protect their works through Laos border control measures are required to provide a Laos copyright registration when proceeding with recordal at Customs.