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FAQs about Patent in Cambodia

1. The specific requirements for validation of European patents in Cambodia?

Kenfox:  For validation of European patents in Cambodia the following documents are required:

1. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;

2. Full name, address and nationality of the inventor;

3. Country/office, application number, filing date and the international patent classification of the original foreign application from which priority is claimed (if applicable);

4. Specification consisting of the title, description, claims, drawings and abstract (English version);

5. Notarized Power of Attorney;

6. Granted European Patents (Notarization/Certification is required for the copy of Granted European Patents).



A procedure before the EPO and the MIH



2. If our client has an Invention patent in China, it is authorized and it is still valid, according to the patent cooperation model between China and Cambodia, this patent can be registered directly in Cambodia, right?

Kenfox: Yes. For your further information, in this case, firstly, a convention patent application still must be filed to Cambodia DIP claiming priority rights from the earlier Chinese patent application under the Paris Convention. After such filing, once a copy of the patent certificate as granted in China to the Chinese patent application is submitted to Cambodia DIP, Cambodia DIP will immediately grant a Cambodian patent certificate to the relevant patent application in Cambodia based on such Chinese patent certificate

3. To validate Chinese Granted Patent in Cambodia, what materials needed? How long will it take?

Kenfox: Required documents to validate Chinese Granted Patent in Cambodia:

1. A request (application), the application form is required to file in Khmer version. Thus, we will do it for you;

2. A description;

3. One or more claims;

4. An abstract;

5. One or more drawings (where required);

6. Notarized Power of Attorney;

7. Simply sign of Deed of Substitution; and

8. Notarized Deed of Assignment.

9. Granted certificate in China

• Procedure: If patent has not been granted in China, the MIH will request the China to do substantive examination, in case the patent has been granted in China, the MIH also granted without do substantive examination.

• It may take roughly 01-02 months.