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Dividing A Patent Application in Laos

In the dynamic landscape of patent protection, flexibility is key to adapting to changing circumstances and maximizing the value of intellectual property assets. In Laos, patent owners have the option to divide their patent or petty patent applications into two or more applications, allowing for greater control and strategic management. This article provides an overview of the patent assignment process in Laos, highlighting the benefits and considerations of dividing patent applications. With the support of KENFOX, a leading intellectual property firm, patent owners can effectively navigate the division process and optimize their patent portfolio.

Understanding patent division in Laos

Patent owners in Laos have the opportunity to divide their patent or petty patent applications into multiple applications at any time before registration, abandonment, final refusal, or the conclusion of the application’s considerations. By submitting a request to divide the application, patent owners can create separate applications that branch off from the original application.

Key considerations for patent division in Laos

Request for division: To initiate the division process, a request for division must be submitted, clearly indicating that the application is being divided from the original application. The request should reference the number and filing date of the original application, providing a clear connection between the divided application and its source.

Modification of original application: Before division, the original application can be modified within the scope of substantive disclosure. The modified original application should be submitted along with the divided application. This allows patent owners to refine and tailor the original application while creating new applications with specific focuses or variations.

Date of filing and official fees: Each divided application is entitled to the date of filing based on the original application. Relevant official fees and service charges must be paid for each divided application. This ensures that the divided applications receive individual dates of filing and are treated as separate entities in terms of legal protection and examination timelines. It is important to note that the paid fees and service charges will not be refundable. For changing from application for a petty patent to the application for a patent shall have to pay additional fees and service charges the same as the fees and service charges of a general application for a patent.

Modification of patent type: It is also possible to modify the type of protection during the division process. For example, an application originally filed as a patent can be modified to an application for a petty patent, or vice versa. In such cases, the modified application is entitled to the original filing or priority date (if applicable). However, it is important to note that fees and service charges paid for the original application are non-refundable.

Harnessing the benefits of patent division in Laos

Patent division offers several advantages for patent owners in Laos:

Focus and specialization: Dividing an application allows patent owners to focus on specific aspects or variations of their invention, creating separate applications tailored to different markets or uses. This targeted approach can enhance the scope of protection and strategic positioning of intellectual property assets.

Flexibility and adaptability: Patent division provides flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, market dynamics, or licensing opportunities. By dividing applications, patent owners can effectively manage their patent portfolio and explore different licensing or commercialization strategies.

Strategic asset management: Divided applications can be individually managed, allowing patent owners to prioritize certain inventions or variations over others. This strategic asset management approach optimizes resources and ensures that each invention receives the necessary attention and protection.

Navigating the patent division process in Laos requires careful consideration and adherence to legal requirements. KENFOX, a trusted intellectual property firm, offers comprehensive support throughout the patent division process. Our team of experienced patent attorneys assists in preparing the necessary requests, modifying original applications, and facilitating the division with the relevant authorities. With our expertise and guidance, patent owners can strategically manage their patent portfolio and leverage the benefits of patent division in Laos.

Consult with KENFOX today to unlock the potential of patent division and optimize your intellectual property assets for success in the dynamic market of Laos.


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