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Geography book highlights local specialties

Buôn Ma Thuột coffee bean from the central province of Đăc Lắc has become a world-wide famous trademark

A geography guide book on the country’s natural and cultural heritage has just been published by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Titled Chỉ Dẫn Địa Lý – Di Sản Thiên Nhiên và Văn Hóa Việt (Geography Guidebook – Vietnamese Natural and Cultural Heritages), the book brings audiences a general picture of the quality, fame, traditional values and origins of certain products.

According to Phan Ngân Sơn, deputy director of the ministry’s National Office of Intellectual Property, the book is useful material for State management agencies, organisations and individuals.

Lưu Đức Thanh, an official from the office, said the book is published with the support of the French government.

“The book helps introduce local delicacies to international friends,” he said.

Worldwide, there are some 10,000 geography guide books that aim to enhance consumer awareness of protected local specialties. The geography guide books have annual trading value of up to US$50 billion.

Việt Nam possesses many agriculture and handicraft products associated with distinctive aspects of Vietnamese culture, many of which are widely known in domestic and international markets.

By June this year, 60 geography guide books in 39 provinces and cities have been published, according to the office.

Various famed delicacies of localities throughout the country have been registered including Phú Quốc fish sauce (Kiên Giang Province), Mộc Châu Shan Tuyết tea (Sơn La Province), Buôn Ma Thuột coffee bean (Đắc Lắc Province), Đoan Hùng grapefruit (Phú Thọ Province), Bình Thuận dragon fruit (Bình Thuận Province), Lạng Sơn star aniseed (Lạng Sơn Province), Thanh Hà litchee (Hải Dương Province), Phan Thiết fish sauce (Bình Thuận Province) and Vinh organge (Nghệ An Province).