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Ninh Thuận shrimp products awarded trademark

Ninh Thuận Province has received a Certificate of Trademark for their shrimp. — VNS/VNS Photo Nguyễn Thành

NINH THUẬN — Shrimp products from the south central province of Ninh Thuận Province on Wednesday received a Certificate of Trademark from the Intellectual Property Department.

The certificate covers tiger prawns species PL 15 and white-legged shrimp species PL 12, both of which are produced in the province.

The certified trademark includes an image of a blue shrimp inside a white circle with the words “Ninh Thuận’s Shrimp”.

The certificate will be valid for 10 years, while the holder will be Ninh Thuận’s Department of Fisheries.

The trademark is expected to enhance the reputation of Ninh Thuận Province’s shrimp in the market and help fight against the production of poor quality shrimp.

Businesses that use the trademark must ensure that their shrimp has clear origin, good quality, is protected by disease, is biologically safe and has had no antibiotics and banned substances used in the production process.

The province has 1.200 shrimp farms with productivity of more than 30 billion shrimp per year (most of which are tiger prawn and white-legged shrimp), meeting 30 per cent of the country’s demand.

The province expects to provide 36 billion shrimp per year by 2020 and to be a centre of high-quality shrimp production area in the country.