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KENFOX – A reliable IP partner for businesses

Mr. Nguyen Vu Quan, in a discussion with Economic Times


The signing of the major trade pacts EVFTA, CPTPP, and RCEPT spurred a complete change to Vietnamese IP Law, requiring better IP protection standards. Domestic businesses will face increased pressure from the need to protect and enforce intellectual property rights. Numerous businesses are well aware of this and take the necessary steps to establish their intellectual property rights. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the significant contribution of intellectual property law firms, one of which is KENFOX IP & Law Office.

KENFOX IP & Law Office specializes in providing services in the field of intellectual property, investment consultancy, technology transfer, trade dispute resolution and litigation. Under clients’ authorization, KENFOX has handled hundreds of intellectual property infringement cases on behalf of clients over the last several years. 

Nguyen Vu Quan, an IP attorney from KENFOX IP & Law Office said “Since the Vietnamese IP Law took effect, we have represented clients in hundreds of cases involving infringement of intellectual property rights. Typically, we have successfully prosecuted unfair competition cases involving  PROSPAN cough medicine packaging, HAICNEAL medicated shampoo packaging, counterfeit goods containing the trademark “Lacoste” of the Lacoste Group (France), or infringement of Interfood’s industrial design for the product label “Winter Melon tea” (Malaysia). Specifically, over the last two years, we have consulted thousands of domestic and international businesses, including large corporations such as Altico, Midea, Oppo, SICPA, UCB, Hitachi, Outfit7, Koga Software… on filing applications to register intellectual property subject matters such as trademarks, industrial designs, and patents”.

Mr. Quan added that, in fact, Vietnamese businesses are primarily concerned with trademark registration, while foreign businesses dominate other areas of intellectual property. When it comes to resolving intellectual property rights infringements, the majority of requests come from foreign businesses. This demonstrates that there are numerous unresolved issues with enforcing the law, which, according to businesses whose IP rights have been violated and lawyers, stem not only from businesses’ lack of awareness, but also from high litigation costs, prolonged time, ‘incomplete settlements, or a lack of cooperation between competent authorities, all of which have discouraged businesses.

As a result, the current pressing issue is to find ways to incorporate the law into business operations and to assist businesses in obtaining access to legal documents pertaining to their operations. Additionally, stiffer penalties for infringement actions must be imposed, and law enforcement must demonstrate tangible results. Competent authorities such as the Inspectorate, the Market Management Bureau, the Law Courts, and the Economic Police… need to further self improve competence and professional skills and work cooperatively with one another.

Apart from the legal system and the law enforcement system, a critical factor that intellectual property law firms must consider when handling infringement cases is the depth of insight and expertise of IP professionals. Thus, from the outset, KENFOX has demonstrated a strong commitment to human resource development. Each member of KENFOX approaches their work with zeal and a strong sense of responsibility.

KENFOX’s employees’ professional qualifications are constantly enhanced through long- and short-term training courses conducted both domestically and internationally. As a result, KENFOX has developed a strong reputation as a success symbol for businesses and clients.

KENFOX has been expanding its research, counseling, and consultation activities for branches, units, and businesses in order to 

 increase their awareness of the importance of complying with Vietnamese law. This is a complex issue that requires a legal corridor and sub-law documents to guide the actions of subjects engaged in social relationships, particularly businesses’ awareness of and compliance with legal regulations. KENFOX has been an active participant in a variety of professional organizations, including the Hanoi Bar Association, the Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association, the International Trademark Association (INTA), the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). KENFOX has proposed numerous measures through these organizations to enhance their operational effectiveness and assist Vietnamese businesses in complying with domestic and international regulations.

Vietnam has entered the global arena but has a long way to go. Mr. Quan believes that, based on his experience, Vietnamese businesses will grow increasingly concerned about intellectual property issues in the near future, as intellectual property is a strong basis for future successes.