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What are the fees for trademark registration in Laos?

A multi-class trademark application is acceptable in Laos, meaning that a trademark application can cover more than 01 class. The examination process for a multi-class application is more complex than for a single-class application, as the trademark office must review the mark in each class to determine if there are any conflicting marks. This can result in a longer examination process and a higher likelihood of objections or rejections. Therefore, it is advisable to file a single-class trademark application in Laos to avoid delays if a certain class of goods/services is refused registration.

The fees shall NOT increase if one class of goods/services has 10 or more goods/services. Thus, the trademark applicant may list as many goods/services as he likes.

Fees from filing a trademark application in one class of goods/services in Laos are roughly over US$ 300.


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