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A single or multi-class trademark application in Vietnam is better?

1. Differences between a multiple-class trademark application and a single-class trademark application Each trademark application filed with the IP Office of Vietnam may request registration of a mark used for one or more than one goods or services (See Point 37.2, Circular No. 01/2007/TT-BKHCN, as revised). That being said, a trademark application can cover either 01 class or multiple classes of goods/services. Hereunder are main differences between a multiple-class trademark application and a single-class trademark application in Vietnam. Criteria of comparison A multi-class Trademark Application A single-class Trademark Application           Fees Filing fee is slightly reduced as compared to a single-class Trademark Application in terms of both official...

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Assessing relatedness of the goods/services for examining registrability of trademarks in Vietnam

How the goods and/or services bearing this trademark are deemed related/relevant to those under an earlier mark is very important to determine registrability of similar trademarks in Vietnam. Whether Nice Classification is the only basis for making an assessment on relatedness/relevance of the goods/services bearing trademarks? Of course, it is not....

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What documents and which steps to register a trademark in Vietnam?

Registering a trademark in Vietnam is a legal administrative proceeding in which a trademark applicant (either a natural person or a legal entity) file an application to register a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (“IP Vietnam”). Of note, co-ownership of a trademark is possible in Vietnam. Trademarks to be protected under the IP Law of Vietnam include: (i) Trade/service Mark; (ii) Collective Mark; (iii) Certification Mark; (iv) Associated Mark and (v) Well-known Mark...

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