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Case Study 23: A court case concerning well-known trademark “X-Men” between Marvel Characters Inc. and the Vietnamese applicant

A recent court case has attracted significant public attention in Vietnam: Marvel Characters Inc., USA v. the National Office of Intellectual Property over registration of the trademark “X-MEN & device” in the name of ICP, a Vietnamese company. Although it’s no surprise that the NOIP won against Marvel, this case may still be considered as important in the development of the IP protection system in Vietnam and showed the need for improving professional capabilities of Vietnamese judges in this new and specialized legal field....

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Case Study 22: Typical competition restriction cases in Vietnam

Abusing dominant position in the market: Case 1: In 2007 THP filed a complaint with the Vietnam Competition Authority (VCA) against Vietnam Brewery Limited (VBL) – a producer of Tiger and Heineken beer. THP alleged that VBL had abused its dominant position in the premium beer market in some big cities in Vietnam to deter new competitors. The VCA’s investigation mainly focused on identifying the relevant market, determining if VBL had a dominant position in that market and collecting evidence to prove the exclusive dealing conduct. The relevant market in this case was identified by the VCA as the beer market...

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Case Study 21 – Misplaced interpretation of due process requirement in the Philippines

A trade mark owner in the Philippines found out that a local retail shop had been selling counterfeit products that infringed his registered trade mark for quite some time and it wanted to stop this illicit activity which was incurring economic damages to his company....

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