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How does EVFTA affect GI registration and protection in Vietnam?

The EVFTA has a significant impact on GI registration and protection in Vietnam in the following ways:

  • Increased protection for European GIs in Vietnam: Under the EVFTA, Vietnam has agreed to protect 169 European GIs, including famous products such as Champagne, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Roquefort cheese. These GIs will receive the same level of protection as Vietnamese GIs, which will provide increased legal protection for European producers.
  • Streamlined GI registration process: The EVFTA provides for a streamlined process for GI registration in Vietnam, which should make it easier and faster for European producers to register their GIs in Vietnam. The agreement also provides for cooperation between Vietnam and the EU on GI protection, which should help to facilitate the registration process.
  • Cooperation and information exchange: The EVFTA encourages cooperation and information exchange between the EU and Vietnam on GI protection, providing a framework for sharing best practices and promoting greater understanding of each other’s GI systems.
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture and rural development: The EVFTA includes provisions that promote sustainable agriculture and rural development in Vietnam, including the promotion of GIs. This should help to support local communities and traditional production methods, while also promoting high-quality products that are associated with specific geographical areas.
  • Improved enforcement of GI protection: The EVFTA provides for improved enforcement of GI protection in Vietnam, including stronger measures to prevent the misuse of GIs and the unauthorized use of protected indications, including through the use of civil and criminal penalties for infringement. This should help to deter unauthorized use of Gis, protect the reputation and quality of GIs, while also promoting fair competition and consumer confidence.

In a nutshell, the EVFTA strengthens GI protection in Vietnam and provides new opportunities for Vietnamese and EU producers to benefit from GI registration and protection. By promoting greater cooperation and information exchange between the EU and Vietnam, the EVFTA helps to create a more robust and effective system of GI protection that benefits producers and consumers alike.

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