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1. Provisions on limits for issuing covered warrants
2. Conditions for application of temporary safeguard measures
3. Extension of business licensing to foreign investors
4. Removal of a series of business conditions
5.  Import of one (01) used automobile needs 7 types of papers for quality inspection 
6. Logistics enterprises must compensate up to VND500 million to the customers 
7. New regulations on prescriptions for medicines
8. Suspension of 50% promotion for prepaid mobile subscribers as from 1 March 2018
9.Casino enterprise must manage all transactions by software
10. Cash     withdrawal     abroad     must     not     exceed     VND30 million/card/day
11. Prohibited acts when the credit institutions dissolve, liquidate the assets
12. Electronic invoices (e-Invoices)
13. Other sectors

1. Dossier for registration of using colour photocopiers with provincial-level People’s Committe

2. Process of settling complaints about employment

3. New regulations on compulsory explosion and/or fire insurance deduction

4. Types of organizations providing consultancy and services on copyright and related rights

5. New regulations on conditions for establishment of microfinance institutions

6. Deferred deadline for closing the bank account of the lawyer’s office

7. Limitation on asset lease brokerage by credit institutions

8. New regulations on bidding costs for issuance of Government bonds

9. Construction establishments’ responsibility to protect theenvironment in construction and to report on environmentalprotectio

10. Conditions for food safety assurance applicable to food additives and cases exempted from safety inspection of imported food

11. Three cases where audio recording of defendant interrogation is opened in cour

12 . Other sectors

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1. New circular on the network of credit institutions being cooperatives

2. Self-inflicted damage to receive insurance benefits will be fined up to VND100 million

3. Amendment of a number of guidelines on corporate income tax (CIT) and personal income tax (PIT)

4. Increase of maximum monetary fine in the accounting sector

5. Addition of prohibited acts with respect to multi-level selling companies

6. Many incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises

7. Prohibition of investments in real estate by State-owned enterprises

8. Change in application for certificate of origin of goods for the first time and measures against goods origin frauds

9. Possible loan in excess of the limit if having no bad debt for 3 years

10. Cancellation of 6 procedures for registration

11. Deletion of infringing content in 3 hours

12. Permitting purchases of automobiles from diplomatic agencies or officials

13. Other sectors

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1. From 21 June 2018, One-Stop Public Office must have camera Installed

2.Tax refund for goods exempted from trade remedies

3. Criteria for determination of agricultural enterprises that apply high technology (hi-tech)

4. Three subjects enjoying agricultural insurance support

5. Remove 62 business conditions in the field of culture, sports and tourism

6. Exemption from fee of land use for enterprises investing in agriculture

7. 384 business conditions removed by Ministry of Transport

8.Violation in fertilizer business will be fined up to VND 200 million

9. Instructions for registration of color photocopiers

10. Commodities Exchange Agencies must have the charter capital of at least VND 150 million

11. 28 procedures on food and nutrition safety are cancelled

12. New guideline for identification of origin of goods

13. Other sectors

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1. Weapon trading for military enterprises since 1 July 2018

2. Exemption from land rent for supporting industrial zones 3.  Sales, promotion up to 100% value allowed in sales season 

3. Enterprises receiving transfer of technology will be supported

4. Level of compensation in case of damages caused by public officials on duty

5. List of imported goods which must apply for a certificate of free sale

6. Simplification of the dossier of application for grant of certificate of right to use codes and barcodes for goods.

7. Application dossier and procedures for grant of license for aquaculture.

8. Ban on import of passenger cars that have used for more than 10 years.

9. Correct declaration of the names of goods for rail freight transport.

10. Other sectors

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1. Intellectual property law

2. Other Sectors

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1. Maximum percentage for credit institutions’ short-term lending in 2018

2. Procedures for certification of goods used for technological renovation

3. Simplified conditions for trading jewellery gold

4. Amendment of the process for collection of Social Insurance(SI), Health Insurance (HI) and Unemployment Insurance (UI) premiums

5. Guidelines for raising pensions, and SI and monthly allowances

6. Criteria for evaluating principals of schools of general education

7. Amendment and cancellation of a number of regulations on conditions for investment and business in the construction sector

8. New Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification

9. Approved plan of simplification of conditions for banking business

10. The level of support for connecting production with consumption of agricultural products

11. Social insurance employees prohibited from receiving gifts offered by people

12. Other sectors

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1. Amendments to several regulations on enterprise registration

2. Principle of Production of Organic Agriculture

3. Foreign exchange control of border trade activities between Vietnam and China

4. Import tax exemption not applicable to goods without price indication

5. Provisional regulations on the format of data exchange between customers offices and enterprises

6. Criteria for selecting third-party providers of cloud computing services

7. Removal of the regulations on subjects notifying e-commerce websites

8. New set of administrative procedures in the field of information and communications

9. New regulations on rice export business

10. Simplified procedures for granting certificates of satisfaction of business conditions for fire prevention and fighting

11. Amendment of the regulations on granting licenses for establishment of joint-stock commercial banks

12. Region-based minimum wage of 2019: increasing from VND160,000 to VND200,000

13. Additional information exchanged between the system of customs authorities and enterprises

14. Other sectors

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1. Amendment of Decree 116: Automobiles are no longer inspected in batches

2. Many conditions for waterway transportation business cancelled

3. New regulations on foreign cultural establishments in Vietnam

4. Many commercial arbitration procedures simplified

5. Cancellation of automatic import licences applicable to motorcycles of 175 cm3 or more

6. Amending 5 Decrees on investment and business conditions

7. Response by the Supreme People’s Court to several administrative procedural problems

8. New cases for revocation of a people’s credit fund’s licence

10.Product owner can choose the form of food disposal after recall

11. Cancellation of many provisions of the Decree providing guidelines for the Public Investment Law

12. Time for making and 10 compulsory contents of electronic invoices, and steps of handling erroneous electronic invoices already made

13. Enterprises employing less than 10 laborers exempted from notification of salary wage scale and payrolls

14. Two cases in which provision of customer information by banks is allowed

15. The purchase price of wind power to be increased to VND2,223/kWh as from the 1st November

16. Issuance of ATM card no longer required to register a model contract

17. Information on denouncers needs to be verified within 10 days

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1. Cancelling procedures for issuance of a certificate of shippingbusiness

2. By 1 January 2020: Electronic health insurance card will be issued

3. 18 standard forms to be used for carrying out overseas investment procedures

4. The employer must self-check its implementation of labour laws as from 1 January 2019

5. Shortening time-limit for issuance of international multi-modal transportation business license

6. Amended regulations on issuance of licenses for electricity activity

7. Acts not allowed for auctioneers

8. Guidelines for payment of compulsory social insurance by foreign employees

9. Application dossier for issuance of a license for import of cyber-information safety products

10. Postal service providers must make information on service quality publicly available

11. List of used IT products banned from import

12. Fine up to VND 200 million when selling illegal multi-level goods

13. Amending the conditions for business in several cultural and social services

14. Reduction of the time for the procedures for extension of the employment service license and amendment of the regulations on foreign laborers working in Vietnam

15. Reduction of conditions for granting certificates for motor vehicle registrar

16. Cancelling a series of business condita series of business conditions for car driving school services

17. Amending many provisions of Decree 43 guiding the Land Law

18. Procedures for merger, division and separation of primary schools

19. Areas prioritized for using ODA fund

20. Reporting system for rice exporters

22. New regulations on licensing the provision and use of digital signature certification services

23. Other sectors

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1. Government Guarantee on investment projects
2. Amended regulations on issuance of certificates of land use rights
3. New regulations on the electronic games with prizes for foreigners
4. Rescue traffic accidents on expressways
5. Other sectors

1. Commercial conciliation
2. Amended provisions on tax administration on transfer pricing
3. Electronic filing of newspapers
4. Promoted transparency of information about secured measures
5. Draft of amended Law on Denunciations: Detailing some contents related to protection of denunciators
6. Other sectors

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1. Practice in construction of product-by-process claim in Vietnam
2. Other Sectors

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1. Officially decreasing rate of social insurance premium payable by employers as of 1 June 2017
2. New regulations on labelling of goods
3. Amending regulations on management, use and depreciation of fixed assets
4. Amending and supplementing the regulations on the management of construction investment projects
5.Severe sanctions against administrative violations in the field of water and mineral resources
6. Other sectors

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1. Amendment and supplement to Decree detailing a number of Articles and implementation measures of the Law on Lawyers
2. Travel allowance
3. Drugs’ listed prices are those including VAT
4. Cancellation of payment for transactions on trading Government bonds
5.Guidelines on online property auction
6.Other sectors

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1. Finance
2. Banking
4. Labour
5. Health
6. Education
7. Transport
8. Construction – Land
9. Natural Resources – Environment
10. Science – Technology
11. Administration – Judiciary
12. Agriculture – Forestry – Fishery
13. Enterprise
14. Miscellaneous

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1.Term of licenses for receiving and paying in foreign currency in prize-winning electronic gaming business
2.Casino businesses can pay and casino players can receive bonuses in foreign currency
3.Six cases in which new decision on penalty for administrative violation shall be issued
4.Annulment of the list of products and goods requiring quality inspection
5.Additional conditions for selection of entrusted auditing firms
6.Guidelines for issuance of work permits to foreigners via the Internet
7.Document proof of the right to use warehouses and storage yards for customs procedures
8.Compulsory calculation of the value of market risks for securities rights
9.Announcement of types of goods and services to be monopolized by the State
10.Determination of compensation value when recovering land
11.Changes to application dossier for writing-off bankrupt enterprises’ tax debts
12.Other sectors

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1.Guidelines for conversion of investment costs for construction of building works
2.Conditions for credit transfer in vocational education
3.New guidelines on value-added tax (VAT)
4.Cancellation of various conditions for alcohol trading
5.Changes in conditions for licensing trade in tobacco products
6.Changes in conditions for fertilizer trading
7.Date of validity of registration of collateral arrangements
8.Other sectors

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1. Strengthening supervision of transactions on the stock market
2. Publishing the process for settling taxpayers’ complaints
3. National technical regulations on formaldehyde limits in garment or textile products
4. Conditions for automobile manufacture and assembly, and business of warranty and maintenance services for automobiles
5. Detailed regulations and guidelines for implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Chemicals
6. Management of conventional money and reporting regime for casino business enterprises
7. Guidelines for limits of transportation of hazardous waste products
8. Other sectors

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1.Addition to the list of countries whose citizens can be granted with e-visa by Vietnam
2. New ordinary import tariff
3. Subjects entitled to buy shares at preferential prices when equitizing SOEs
4. Procedures for registration of foreign exchange transactions in the petroleum industry
5. Amendment in administrative procedures for registration of tax procedure-related services
6. Conditions for vehicles transporting tourists on land
7. New instruction for making revisions to online invitations to bid (E-ITB)
8. Additional cases eligible for land use levy exemption or reduction
9. Treatment process for wastes discharged from vessels at seaports
10. Increase of base salary
11. Energy labeling for cars having from more than 7 seaters to 9 seaters from 1 January 2018
12. Tightened management of the database on detention and custody
13. Contents for controlling the use of reservoirs for electricity generation
14. New rules applicable to temporarily detained or detained persons
15. New regulations on sanctioning violations of product standards and quality
16. Forms of inspection on the implementation of administrative procedure control activities
17. Other sectors

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1. Number of documents no longer required for business registration dossier
2. An additional case where securities deposit transactions are not allowed
3. Regulations on clean-up for petroleum oil and gas works
4. Amended regulations on items not subject to VAT and non-deductible expenses for CIT calculation
5. Monetary fine up to VND80 million for failure to buy insurance for crew members
6. A number of import or export procedures amended or supplemented
7. Change of requirement on the percentage of using unbaked building materials
8. New region-based minimum wage rates applicable from 1 January 2018
9. Amended criteria for selecting enterprises to self-certify the origin of goods
10. Registration of sales invoices shortened to one working day
11. Suspended implementation of the regulation on recordal of the household’s members on the red book
12. Instructions for using Electronic Tax Services (eTax)
13. Other sectors

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