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Avoiding Descriptiveness Refusal in Laos: Key Considerations for Trademark Owners

Download A trademark is a source identifier denoting that a product/service belongs to a certain company or person, and distinguishes it from the products/services of others so that is it eligible to be protected by law. Thus, a sign that has no source-indicating significance must be refused registration to ensure that all other individuals or entities are free to use such it. In Laos, not a few trademark applications are denied on the grounds that the proposed trademarks fail to meet the protection requirement as they are considered descriptive of the goods or services in question or common names the designate...

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Protecting your IPR in Vietnam – A Guide to VIPRI’s Services and Expertise

Download 1. What services does Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute offer? The Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (VIPRI) is a research institution under the Ministry of Science and Technology that provides expert opinions on IP infringement cases concerning industrial property subject matters such as inventions, industrial designs, designs of semi-conducting closed circuits, trade secrets, marks, trade names, and geographical indications. IPR holders who suspect that their IP rights have been violated may request VIPRI to provide assessments or expert opinions on the scope of protection of their IP rights, assess similarity, determine infringing elements, and determine damages. However, at present, VIPRI's services are...

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Key takeaways from the recent trademark assessment conclusion issued by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute

KENFOX IP & Law Office

Download Background: HOA SEN Vietnam Co., Ltd is a company engaged in design, art design, advertising, and communication. In 2013, HOA SEN Company registered a mark including the verbal element "HOA SEN" in combination with a number of other elements (HOA SEN, device) at the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (“IP Vietnam”) for 04 classes of services including: Trademark:        HOA SEN, device Class 35:          Advertising services, presentation/display of goods on communication media for sales. Class 40:          Printing services. Class 41:          Television program production activities; photography; organizing cultural, artistic and sports events Class 42:          Print product design service In 2017, the distributor and sales agent...

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Amending Patent Specifications In Vietnam – Best Practices for Applicants

This patent must be invalidated

Download Even after a patent specification has been filed to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP VIETNAM), it may be amended at the applicant's initiative (also known as voluntary amendment) or at IP VIETNAM's request. If an amendment or supplement to a patent application expands the scope of the subject matter disclosed or stated in the application or alters the nature of the claimed subject matter stated in the application, there is a risk that the patented product or process could be invalidated at the request of a third party. To mitigate such legal risks associated with patents, it is...

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Owning a trademark but cannot address trademark infringement in Vietnam, why?

Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute

There are a number of reasons why Vietnamese businesses may lose their trademarks, despite the fact that they have been selling their branded goods and services for decades. Mostly, trademarks are lost for two reasons: (i) ignorance on the part of trademark owners and (ii) disregard of trademark registration for the goods/services they trade. Many firms are ignorant that they should and must register a trademark, while others prioritize business and market development over trademark registration. Even businesses that have registered their trademarks may be unable to take action against competitors who infringe their trademarks. This situation results in Vietnamese businesses paying...

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Appropriating the trademark “HWASUNG” of Korean company to attack the genuine trademark owner

Download HWASUNG is a trade name and trademark used by HWASUNG Company for their electric wire products. HWASUNG, a Korean company, together with 2 other Korean companies, SEOUL and SIMEX, contributed capital to establish SH-VINA Company, 100% foreign owned enterprise of Korea, in Vinh Phuc province. Thien Phu Company, based in Hanoi Vietnam, applied to register the trademark “HWASUNG” for products of electric wires, cables and electrical products in Class 09 and was granted the Certificate of Registration Certificate in 2005. After registering the trademark "HWASUNG", Thien Phu Company petitioned Marke Management Agency in Hanoi to seize a large number of goods including...

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What are required documents for GI registration in Vietnam?

The registration of a geographical indication (GI) in Vietnam requires the submission of a set of documents to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP VIETNAM), which is the agency responsible for administering GI protection in Vietnam. The required documents for GI registration in Vietnam include (i) The name or the sign that is the geographical indication (GI) (soft file); (ii) List of goods bearing the geographical indication; (iii) Description of peculiar characteristics or quality or reputation of the product bearing the geographical indication and characteristics of natural conditions attributing to the peculiar characteristics or quality, or reputation of the product (hereinafter referred...

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What are the differences between GI, Collective and Certification marks?

Geographical Indication: A GI is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. In other words, a GI is used to indicate that a product is from a specific region and has certain qualities or characteristics that are unique to that region. Examples of GI products include Champagne, Scotch Whisky, and Darjeeling tea. Collective marks: A Collective mark is a sign used by members of a particular association, cooperative, or organization to indicate that their products or services come from a particular source. In this case,...

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How does EVFTA affect GI registration and protection in Vietnam?

The EVFTA has a significant impact on GI registration and protection in Vietnam in the following ways: Increased protection for European GIs in Vietnam: Under the EVFTA, Vietnam has agreed to protect 169 European GIs, including famous products such as Champagne, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Roquefort cheese. These GIs will receive the same level of protection as Vietnamese GIs, which will provide increased legal protection for European producers. Streamlined GI registration process: The EVFTA provides for a streamlined process for GI registration in Vietnam, which should make it easier and faster for European producers to register their GIs in Vietnam. The...

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Whether a GI can be protected under an International IP Agreement?

Vietnam entered two significant international trade deals in 2018-2019 that require, among other things, a higher standard of intellectual property protection in Vietnam. The first is the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement ("CPTPP"), which was signed in March 2018 and took effect on 14 January 2019. The second is the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement ("EVFTA"), which was signed in June 2019 and entered into force on 1 August 2020. EVFTA is a free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam. The EVFTA is one of the most comprehensive and ambitious free trade agreements that the EU has ever signed with...

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