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included in the 2016 update of the Guide ‘South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk Guide: Protecting your IP at Trade Fairs in South-East Asia’

A Slovenian company in the automotive industry exhibiting at the Automotive Trade Fair in Vietnam is aware that a Chinese company which has been reported infringing its design in the past is also exhibiting at the same fair...

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SME Case Study (included in the 2016 update of the Guide ‘Top 20 Considerations when entering a new market’)

The European company applied for trade mark registrations accordingly and simultaneously began negotiations with the local partner including an NDA for the duration of the negotiations in relation to technical information in relation to patents to grant non-disclosure and protect the novelty of the invention. ...

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Action against packaging design copies in Myanmar

Background A Dutch company, Company A, specialising in the production and distribution of professional sealants for commercial and home use, had registered ownership of its trade mark and packaging design for its growing sales of sealants in Myanmar. After several years of sales in Myanmar, they were alerted by their local distributor to the existence of competing products bearing similar packaging design, but with a different logo, on sale in Yangon and Mandalay by resellers of hardware products.  Action Taken Local attorneys worked closely with the local distributor of Company A to issue, cease and desist letters to resellers of the competing products....

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